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05 September 2016

NovelUpdates Reading List August 2016

Second Chance

The same scenario is repeated, but our MC is already know what will happen next or have general idea, and use it to their advantage. 
  1. Dominion’s EndMC arrived in the new world with 35 years worth of memories as a girl. She woke up to find out that her body is now a male body. Stumble upon as she, now a siscon in mind and a brocon in body. An apocalyptic world with special power like healing, ice, flame,etc.
  2. God of Cooking Similar feeling with watching MasterChef US. Even the judge kinda have the same feeling with the judge from MasterChef US season 1-4.
  3. God of Music
  4. My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
  5. The Amber Sword
  6. Reincarnator
  7. The King of the Battlefield Like reincarnator with faster pace. 
  8. Transcending the Nine Heavens As expected from Fenglin Tianxia's series. So much comedy.
  9. Tales of Demons and Gods