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26 March 2017

An arrogant di daughter

Date update: March 25, 2017
Chinese title: 穿越之嫡女太嚣张 (Chuān yuè zhī dí nǚ tài áo zhāng)

Total Chapter: 385 (Complete)

Short Summary:
Ling Ruowan, a famous 21st century assassin, find herself transmigrated into a body of 13 years old fool. She must fight against her shu sister that try to steal her fiance, unloving father, dead mother, and vicious concubines. A good people don't live long, but scourge live for thousand years. Famous as an idiot woman, she deceive the world, kick the so-called fiancee that hook with her shu sister, and when her brilliance amaze the world, in her side has long standing an outstanding man.


24 March 2017

NovelUpdates Reading List March 2017

NovelUpdates Reading List March 2017
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