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26 March 2017

An arrogant di daughter

Date update: March 25, 2017
Chinese title: 穿越之嫡女太嚣张 (Chuān yuè zhī dí nǚ tài áo zhāng)

Total Chapter: 385 (Complete)

Short Summary:
Ling Ruowan, a famous 21st century assassin, find herself transmigrated into a body of 13 years old fool. She must fight against her shu sister that try to steal her fiance, unloving father, dead mother, and vicious concubines. A good people don't live long, but scourge live for thousand years. Famous as an idiot woman, she deceive the world, kick the so-called fiancee that hook with her shu sister, and when her brilliance amaze the world, in her side has long standing an outstanding man.


Terms: link
A male can only have 1 main wife (Zhengfei), 2 Cefei, 4 Shufei, and countless Shiqie

Full Summary:
Ling Ruowan find herself into a new body of 13 years old fool. Waking up she hear conversation between two people that is her maid speaking against her. She find out her situations is really bad and decided to go Lingan Temple for two years. In there she have apprenticeship with famous ghost doctor, build her body back, establish an assassin organization and information dealers, and make a restaurant chain as a camouflage.

After two years, she finally back to Lingfu. Soon there going to be a birthday feast on prime minister's residence, which is Ling Ruowan's maternal home. Old Lady Ling wants Ling Ruowan to take her favorite granddaughter, shu born daughter Ling Ruoruo to the feast. Following day, she leisurely living at Lingfu waiting the day of the feast to arrive. At the feast, she find out about the affair between her so called fiance, the crown prince, Long Mei, with her sister, Ling Ruoruo. Another prince, Long Yi that infamous because of his psychotic behaviour, find Ling Ruowan intriguing, dare her to perform at the feast. Ling Ruowan humbly decline, thus seal her reputation as a trash in capital. Secretly she find Prime Minister Zhou, that she intent to break her engagement with crown prince, and ask her grandfather to not worry.

That night when Ling Ruowan in the middle of listening the report regarding Long Yi, she find out that her room has an additional shadow, that is Long Yi himself. He start to tease and molesting Ling Ruowan verbally, ask her to called him Yi. He also told her news about upcoming competition on emperor's birthday feast between Xinghong and neighbouring Yueying Empire. If Xinghong win, Yueying will pay double tribute to them, if Xinghong lose, Yueying will be freed paying tribute for the next decade. The contestant if win can ask a favor from the emperor. She also told the reason why a crown prince and a concubine born woman can have an affair, it start back on Long Mei was a child. He slipped out from the palace and fell into harm, but saved by a little girl that is Ling Ruoruo.

Shortly after, Lingfu is busy for Ling Ruoruo pin ceremony, that is a ceremony celebrating a girl turn out 15 years old by giving her a pin, showing that she already turn into adult and ready to be married. Concubine Qin plan to disfiguring Ling Ruowan using poison and make her engagement broken. Ling Ruowan find out and retaliate by sending a sterilization drug to both Concubine Qin and Ling Ruoruo.

Listening the report about Ling Ruowan's hidden organization and of her poisoning retaliation, Long Yi feel delighted and having more admiration toward her. Long Yi look at the window, seeing Lin Jun, a famous molester in the capital cornering Ling Ruowan's cousin named Zhou Ya'r, Long Yi decide to help her. Unknowingly this make Zhou Ya'r fell in love with Long Yi which make many problem emerge in the future.

Even though Lin Jun is the only di son of General Lin and the empress's nephew, Lin family still need to give some respect to Zhou family. The empress order Lin Jun to personally giving apologize to Zhou family and sending Long Mei to gifting South China Sea pearl to Ling Ruowan. Using this opportunity of Long Mei's visit, she played the crown prince using a love sicken appearance, make him feels more disgust towards Ling Ruowan.

That night, Long Yi grant another visit to Ling Ruowan's room, after another molestation period, he successfully steer the conversation toward her views on man having three wives and four concubines, making her promise to marry him if he can do Ling Ruowan's condition to only have one wife. Of course Ling Ruowan only see it as a nonsense, considering Long Yi's status as a wang. Long Yi also brought another news, that is the little girl that saved Long Mei back then is Ling Ruowan not Ling Ruoruo. Back then, Long Mei also give a jade ornament towards the little girl as a keepsake. For smoothing her plan to broke the engagement, Ling Ruowan give the jade ornament to Ling Ruoruo.

The day of Ling Ruoruo's pin ceremony is getting near, one of Ling Ruowan's personal maid is getting sold after find out poisoning her master, thus Concubine Qin losing her people in Ling Ruowan's side. At the ceremony, Concubine Qin plan to give Ling Ruowan aphrodisiac to cook rice with her nephew, Qin Wei. Shortly after, Ling Ruoruo also excuse herself from the ceremony to secretly meet Long Mei. Concubine Qin's plan is foiled, the couple whom enjoying the spring night by the invitees are Qin Wei and his blood sister, Qin Mei, make the sibling famous in the capital. After that, with Long Yi encouragement, people find another couple naked on a bed, that is Long Mei and Ling Ruoruo. Making a fuss, Ling Ruowan covertly encourage Long Mei until he giving divorce paper on spot, thus broke their engagement.

The rice has been cooked, other than crown prince, Ling Ruoruo can not marry other people. The empress feel disdain towards Ling Ruoruo, her lowly concubine born status, and the fact that she is not virgin anymore, even though the one who take it is Long Mei. So when a decree is sent to Lingfu, everyone feels excited, knowing that before Long Mei has given promise to Ling Ruoruo to make her his legal wife. But the fact can not be more cruel for Ling Ruoruo! The decree is what Prime Minister Zhou successfully fish a princess title for Ling Ruowan for broken engagement compensation.

The day of the competition between two empire, Xinghong and Yueying is getting near. Long Mei propose to Ling Ruoruo to join and request to marry him as the rewards for winning the competition. Every prince is to recommend a talented woman, to pit against Yueying's champion, the first talented woman, Nangong Nishang, a princess of Yueying. Because there's only a person from Yueying, the content of competition is decided by them. At the competition venue, people are surprised finding that Ling Ruowan is recommended by Long Yi. The first contest is to playing guqin (a seven-string chinese instrument) together, the one that can finish her song is the winner. Nangong Nishang is confident, because she has been practicing this before. Ling Ruowan easily win the first contest by plucking her ear using cotton, but because of Nangong Nishang also difficulty finishing her song, the result of first contest is tie. The second contest is to compose a poem about 'moon'. As the theme is proposed by Nangong Nishang, obviously she already been polishing her poem. Seeing Ling Ruowan's leisurely look, making many people's mouth twitching. Using her modern knowledge, Ling Ruowan easily win. The third contest is to draw flower, which Nangong Nishang also famous for. It's been said that her flower drawing can even attract butterfly! The final winner is hard to pick between Ling Ruowan and Nangong Nishang drawing. Nangong Nishang then propose to use butterfly to determine the winner. Knowing that she already spread some honey, Nangong Nishang feel confident that she will win the third contest. The reality can not be more different than her imagination, the butterfly choose Ling Ruowan's flower. The reason is because Ling Ruowan previously put osmanthus honey to her drawing, make the honey on Nangong Nishang's flower feels bitter. Thus Xinghong win the competition making Ling Ruowan's fame spread far and wide.

Ling Ruowan plan to make a request so that she can decide her own marriage. But before she can open her mouth, Long Yi put his request first, asking the emperor to grant his marriage with Ling Ruowan. Long Yi use Ling Ruowan's previous promise to pressure her accepting the marriage decree. He also giving an oath in front of the audience to only marry one wife. Ling Ruowan compromise and use her request so that she can pick the wedding date. Zhou Ya'r start to hate Ling Ruowan for stealing her favorite people.

Using the pretext of cultivating their feeling, Long Yi ask Ling Ruowan to have a date on park, but there they met an assassination which resulting Long Yi being harmed. Later from the hidden guard report, they find out that the target is Ling Ruowan, the people that sent the assassin is Nangong Nishang. Long Yi promise to help Ling Ruowan make Nangong Nishang stays at Xinghong so she can have her revenge.

After Ling Ruoruo given decree by the emperor to become Long Mei's Shufei, she is invited by the empress to the palace. The empress is not impressed by her conduct, and gift her a bracelet laced with sterilisation drug. Zhou Ya'r try to seek Long Yi, confessing her love, but denounced harshly, making her hate Ling Ruowan more. Ling Ruowan exchange the truth of her mother death with pin ceremony for Ling Ruoxin, a third shu daughter born from Concubine Bai. Back on that tragic day, Concubine Bai find a trace of saffron, drug known to inducting abortion.

At the emperor's birthday feast, the empress asked the emperor so that Long Mei can be granted marriage with Zhou Ya'r. Seeing Zhou's family face, the emperor want to refuse, but Zhou Ya'r herself push for the marriage, want to having revenge on Ling Ruowan, falsely thinking that Ling Ruowan is in love with Long Mei. Near the end of the feast, the emperor and the empress find Nangong Nishang whom previously went to the empress palace to change clothes after accidentally dirtying her clothes, together and naked in bed with Lin Jun. Therefore Long Yi successfully making Nangong Nishang staying in Xinghong. At prime minister's residence, Zhou Yisong tell Zhou Ya'r that Zhou's family won't stand behind her if she really marry Long Mei. Still Zhou Ya'r insist to marry the crown prince to show that she is more worthy than Ling Ruowan.

When Ling Ruoruo shamelessly asked Ling Ruowan's mother dowry to be added to her own, Ling Ruowan retaliate by checking things on treasury, make Concubine Qin whom taking control on Ling household get her tail stepped on. Having no other option, Concubine Qin put back her covertly taken things back to the treasury, making Ling Ruoruo's dowry plumet. But mysteriously, few days later, the dowry is back to more than three time. Ling Ruowan discover that the dowry is came from South province, but no other clue being found.

Few days later, Ling Shuze, a first shu son born from Concubine Qin came back home from school. Old Lady Ling want him to be inserted into Ling genealogy, thus making him a di born. Ling Ruowan object this, making Old Lady Ling's teeth itch. Not long after, the second master, Ling Bin's younger brother, Ling You back to capital transferred from South province. He bring his wife, surname Ye, his son, called Ling Shuao, and his daughter Ling Ruolan. Ling Ruowan make exchange about the truth of Ling Ruoruo's real father, that is Ling You, and the one who add Ling Ruoruo's dowry is exactly Ling You with Ling Yu. Ling Yu's mother was a backyard maid who seduces Ling You when he's drunk. After being admitted as a shu born, Ling Yu became Ling Ruoyu.

Ling Bin's new main wife being poisoned, leading to Ling Ruowan know that the quiet Concubine Liu is the most hidden person on Lingfu. When she's being pregnant, she accompany Old Lady Ling to temple, and saved her life when there's a sudden robbery, making the pair mother and son being grateful. The accident make the baby born premature and sickly, and making Concubine Liu can't have another child.

At royal hunting, Nangong Nishang plan another attempt to hurt Ling Ruowan leading to her death. One months later, at Xiao Guifei's birthday feast, Ling Ruowan bring Ling Ruolan who make a fool of herself after being poisoned by Ling Ruoxin. On the trip back to carriage, Ling Ruoxin meet with Lin Jun and mesmerised by his status.

After five year at the temple, empress dowager is back to royal palace.

Ling Shuze getting caught cheating on imperial examination, Ling Wanruo knowing the culprit who murdered her mother that is Concubine Liu, and know that Old Lady Ling also know about it

Qiu Wanruo try to frame Ling Ruowan

Lin Jun giving marriage proposal to Ling Ruoxin

The emperor knowing the truth about Zhao Shufei,

Long Mei know the real identity of the little girl that saved him back then, confront Ling Ruoruo

Ling Ruoruo ran back to Lingfu and fake her pregnancy

Liu Jin'r pregnant

empress dowager try to kill Ling Ruowan but failed and getting house arrest, and she start hating Qiu Ruowan for making her lose power, empress get the power to control the harem

Ling Ruowan marry Long Yi and moved to Anwangfu

Ling Ruowan found Gui Momo, and unmasking Concubine Liu's true nature

Ling Ruoyu getting pregnant by Long Yu

Old Lady Ling sent Ling Ruolan to Anwangfu to seduce Long Yi

Ling Ruolan marry Fu Wang as a concubine

Zhou Ya'r pregnant

The emperor taking military command from Lin Wei advised by the empress

The empress appease Lin Wei by making Long Qing marry Lin Yaoyao, but Long Qing only want to marry Li Sisi

At New Year feast, empress giving marriage to Qiu Wanruo, and making minister of war, Mo Haoren's di daugter, Mo Qiaoyun as Long Mei's Cefei

Empress frame Li Sisi making Zhou Ya'r have an abortion, making Li Sisi status to plummet became concubine

Ling Ruowan hinted to Zhou Ya'r about the real culprit behind her forced abortion

Ling Shuze came to Anwangfu to giving farewell

The day Qiu Wanrou marry, the old lady there died, making her life miserable

At empress dowager birthday feast, empress dowager is poisoned, the empress lost the power to control the harem to Xiao Guifei

After Ling Ruoruo fake pregnancy being known, she is divorced and sent back to Lingfu

Ling Ruowan incite Ling Ruoyu to make the truth behind Ling Ruoruo birth known to Ling family, Concubine Qin and Ling Ruoruo sent to temple, Ling You and family is kicked from Lingfu

Zhuo Ya'r know the truth behind her abortion

Long Qing marry Lin Yaoyao as main wife and the day after, taking Li Sisi into Wenwangfu

Li Sisi collude with empress dowager and risen into a shufei, making empress angry

Liu Jiu'r giving birth to a deformed boy, unmasking the real identity of Liu Jiu'r

Emperor pressure Long Yi and Ling Ruowan to have concubine

Long Mei getting caught having corruption weapon, making Lin Jun his scapegoat

Exchange Lin Jun's life with Lin Wei secret force

Li Sisi sentenced to death after failed to assassinate Ling Ruowan, having her true self known to Long Qing

empress poisoning empress dowager, making her paralyzed on bed for the rest of her life

Zhou Ya'r try to frame Ling Ruowan

emperor plan to give Li Qianru as Long Yi's Cefei

At Zhou Yisong's birthday feast, people found Li Qianru in a bed with Long Mei

Li Qianru marry as Long Mei's Cefei, at wedding night getting a forced abortion

Zhou Ya'r send girl to seduce Long Yi and giving Ling Ruowan sterilization drug

Ling Ruowan sent a head to Zhou Ya'r

At emperor's birthday feast, Zhou Ya'r poisoning Long Yi, Ling Ruowan being known as ghost doctor's pupil

Afraid of the truth being found, Long Mei plan to force the emperor to abdicate, but failed

After Long Yi ascend to the throne, many people still covet his concubine seat, even when knowing that before he marry Ling Ruowan, he already put an oath to only have one wife. The first person who shot is none other than Old Lady Ling, she repeatedly come to royal palace, bringing two of Ling side branch girl, hoping that they will became concubine. Ling Ruowan agree to let them in, but only to become servant that wash clothes, moreover she also punish Old Lady Ling, depraving her right to manage Ling household (that because of Ling Bin's new main wife status is low, still in Old Lady Ling hand).

Fulfilling her promise to kill Lin Fengyi, Ling Ruowan visit the prison and personally bestow the poisonous wine to her. Hearing about her mother's death, the child of Lin Fengyi give out different reaction, Long Qing only feel sadness, but Long Linyu came to Ling Ruowan palace, and asked to be disciplined. Because of her pregnancy, the plan to canonized Ling Ruowan as empress finally being implemented. At the celebration feast, a declining minister put forward his daughter to be Long Yi's concubine using excuse that the empress is now pregnant and can't serve the emperor. The plan doomed to be failed, and once again the invitee is reminded of Long Yi's oath to only marry one wife.

Because of previous agreement to pay double offering to Xinghong, the royal family of Yueying, the third prince, Nangong Hui, and the five princess, Nangong Nicai, came to Xinghong, congratulating the ascend of Xinghong's new emperor while planning to borrow grain. At welcoming feast, Nangong Nicai's beauty and her dance performance successfully mesmerized countless male in the feast. But her plan to make Long Yi bow in her pomegranate skirt is unsuccessful, she also shamed by Long yi, comparing her to common performer. Unresigned, she visit Ling Ruowan to express her desire becoming 'sisters' with her. Knowing that their time is limited, Nangong Hui give aphrodisiac to Nangong Nicai, planning to cook the rice. At one banquet, Ling Ruowan give Nangong Nicai stage performing her play to seduce the emperor. Framing Nangong Nicai, Yueying helplessly became Xinghong's subsidiary.

In upcoming month, using pretext of anger because their pressure to add beauties to the palace, Long Yi succeeded rooting all previous minister that stand up during Long Mei's rebellion. Four months later, Ling Ruowan giving birth to twins, a baby boy called Long Jue and baby girl called Long Yue. Directly Long Yi giving decree to canonized Long Jue into crown prince. Years later, Ling Ruowan looking at her children playing and not far away her beloved man looking lovingly at her and she mused, perhaps this is the reason she coming to this world. Meeting her husband and having his child, feeling content and happiness.

Ling Family
Ling Ruowan: main character, eldest di daughter, a reincarnated killer from 21st century
Zhou ?: MC's mother, killed using saffron by Concubine Liu shortly after MC was born
Ling Bin: MC's father, minister of book, didn't care about MC, because he think MC killed her beloved woman by being born
Liu Jiu'r: a spy planted by MC to investigate Zhou's death to became Ling Bin's main wife, but later betrayed MC
Old Lady Ling: mother of Ling Bin and Ling Yu, a greedy old woman
Concubine Qin: concubine of Ling Bin, niece of Old Lady Ling, later stay for a lifetime with Ling Ruoruo in temple after her affair with Ling You known to Ling family
Ling Ruoruo: second shu daughter, born from Concubine Qin and Ling You, married as Shufei to crown prince, but later divorced after get caught deceiving the crown prince
Ling Shuze: first shu son, born from Concubine Qin. Get his official career road broken after framed cheating on an imperial examination, after being released decided to became businessman
Concubine Bai: concubine of Ling Bin
Ling Ruoxin: third shu daughter, born from Concubine Bai, later marry Lin Jun as main wife
Concubine Liu: quite loved by the old lady because she once saved the old lady and caused her child to born premature and make her can not have child again. Later found murdering Zhou ?
Ling Shuying: second shu son, born from Concubine Liu, sickly child
Ling You: younger brother of Ling Bin, an official from Jing Nan, after being transferred to capital, live within Lingfu. Later moved out after his affair with Concubine Qin being known to Ling family
Ye ?: the only wife of Ling Yu
Ling Ruolan: eldest di daughter of Ling You, born from Ye
Ling Shuao: eldest di son of Ling You, born from Ye
Ling Ruoyu: second shu daughter, born from nameless backyard maid who seduces Ling Yu when he was drunk, later marry Long Yu as Shufei

Xinghong Royal Family
Long Xiao: emperor
Lin Fengyi: empress
Xiao Guifei: concubine of emperor
Zhao Shufei: the most beloved concubine of the emperor, but died early because of empress and empress dowager's machination
Long Mei: the crown prince, the first wang, born from the Empress
Long Yu: called Ning Wang, the second wang, born from Xiao Guifei
Long Yi: called An Wang, the third wang, born from Zhao Shufei, male lead
Long Qing: called Wen Wang, the fourth wang, born from the Empress
Long Linyu: princess, born from the Empress
Empress Dowager: mother of the emperor

Royal Family's Relative
Qiu Wanrou:
Li Sisi: another reincarnated woman from modern world, can't assimilated well with ancient world but successfully seduces Long Qing, later killed after fail to assassinate MC

Zhou Family
MC's mother (maternal) family
Zhou Yisong: prime minister, MC's grandfather
Zhou Chen: Zhou Yisong's main wife, MC's grandmother
Zhou Ya'r: MC's cousin, eldest di daughter, later marry Long Mei as main wife because of her jealousy for MC
Zhou Ceng: Zhou Ya'r and Zhou ?'s mother
Zhou ?: MC's cousin, eldest di son

Qin Family
Qin Wei: di son, getting caught having tryst with his sister at Ling Ruoruo pin ceremony
Qin Mei: di daughter, as beautiful as her name
Qin Li: mother of Qin Wei and Qin Mei

Yueying Royal Family
Nangong Nishang: a princess, hailed as the first talented woman before finally lose that title to MC. Later marry Lin Jun, but died as a result of scheming against MC
Xie Hou: uncle of Nangong Nishang, brother of the empress
Nangong Hui: third wang
Nangong Nicai: five princess

Lin Family
empress maiden family
Lin Wei: general, having military
Lin Jun: famous playboy on the capital, but because he has the support of Empress and as the heir of Lin Family, he has been rampant molesting beauty left and right. Has been implicated leading to his death by Long Mei, but saved by MC
Lin Yaoyao: di daughter, later marry Long Qing as main wife

Mo Family
Mo Haoyun: minister of war, emperor's people
Mo Qiaoyun: di daughter, marry Long Mei as a Cefei

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