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01 May 2017

Ote o Haishaku

Title: Ote o Haishaku
Other Title: お手を拝借/Ote wo Haishaku
Author: Sakumoto Ayu
Artist: Sakumoto Ayu
Year: 2014
Link: mangapark
At the library, Arimura Satoshi, a man who has a severe hand fetish, accidentally touches the hands of a fellow student in the craft department. They're his "ideal hands," so he takes it as destiny. Taking pictures, drawing, and sketching, he goes to visit Yuasa (his hands) everyday.

Although he finds him annoying, Yuasa understands the pure feelings Arimura has towards his creations and allows him to draw.

One day, Yuasa cuts his finger in front of Arimura. In the name of 'disinfection,' his finger gets relentlessly licked and he unintentionally gets excited. At the same time, he's disgusted that Arimura gets an erection from licking his fingers!

Arimura, who only focuses his attacks on 'hands,' begins to grow interested in the actual owner of them. Yuasa, whose only had his hands focused on, starts to get irritated…This is romance story of fetishes where their relationship may develop into love

Thank you for reading ^^