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12 September 2019

龙套是个玛丽苏 作者:长乐无极

Title: 龙套是个玛丽苏
Author: 长乐无极
Type: transmigration, ancient, female protagonist, abuse, meat, bg
Bookmark: 11159469/
Link: .
Status: Completed
In the novel of Mary Su, the female lord Yue Mingxi has ten true sons, the sun is gentle and gentle, the first swordsman in the indifference, the demon sorcerer, the demon sinister poisonous master, the deep loyal dog in the northern Jin Dynasty The Guardian of the Northern Jin Dynasty, the emperor of the Northern Jin Dynasty, the iron-and-blood general who is brave and war-torn, the arrogant and graceful monarch, the passionate Dong Hecai, the gentle and ruthless Nanchu prince. Qi Wei wears a book with only one sentence describing the dragon set, only wants to pull the female companion
Rating: 7/10

Seriously didn't make any sense. I mean mc flower protector squad should be a lot, and qiumo should also stick to mc 24\7, and now he easily married again? Considering mc is death, shouldn't he wait at least 3 years or what?
For each arc, quite a pleasant experience to read. Mc character and how she behave. But if you look from overall feeling, I don't like how often mc got abused! I thought the blind part is already hurting enough. Now author make her hamstring picked. Urgh poor mc. Where is ml when she needed them? Why mc need her supposedly rip father to save her lol.
Reading up to this point, I don't like
-how pervert ml are.. all of them. Even the tamed shadow aka dark guard. Poor mc, like the original mc got an already domesticated pet, and mc still need to work hard to domesticated them. Even though they are the same person >.<
-very many abuse. That captive as slaves already had enough, then the author put more and more harder stuff behind.
Not planning to read any further,
Overall feeling, I am not feeling happy reading this.
At start really like the idea of mc knowing upcoming plot, and she as someone who isn’t supposed to be appear in the world, try her best to let her sister, the vicious nupei to live and not fall in love with one of ‘original mc’ ml. First arc quite nice, then start appearing conspiracy, sudden abuse, etc. argh..
Peeking at the end, saw that mc still alive and kickin, with 8 ml.

Thank you for reading ^^