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13 September 2019

难逃 作者:季月白

Title:  难逃
Author: 季月白
Type: modern, female protagonist, dp, meat, bg
Link: .
Status: Completed
Chen Yiyu, a soft girl who is not determined to be a self-identified person, is an ordinary person. She thinks that her life will be the same as most other people, and she is married and married. However, fate does not think so. She is destined to be pulled into the quagmire of lust by men, deeper and deeper.
Rating: 7/10

Hahaha lol, remember reading the “sequel” of this novel after tens of pages, the name of ji yuebai as ml, and the fact later on that he is married. Overall this gives more pleasant feeling. As I remember that the second book ‘mc’ got abused by this mc’s son. Mc character quite “floating” as in, I’m not sure where to put her. Not charming enough in my opinion, all kinda go with the flow. Ah..
I like mc’s halo that easily capture ml though.. A preferable trait in NP!
But the overall feeling kinda gloomy, so after finish reading, there’s 4 ml. 2 already married, 1 can’t married with mc because race discrimination from the family, the other one’s family didn’t accept mc. So yeah, the sequel much more abusive towards their mc, but still. This one quite tragedy too.
+i like the fact both mc and ml is not cn!!
+the floating feeling kinda rare
-not liking the end, I do think mc’s prowess as stronk female getting negative, like at the beginning, she kinda an ordinary level starting point, then when she decided to go to the US, try to go away from ji family business, I do think it’ll be stronk version when she came back. But she feels more stupid. The extra too.. Adding more stupidness to mc.

Thank you for reading ^^