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02 September 2019

[快穿]原配的逆袭 作者:白晓若

Title: [快穿]原配的逆袭  
Author: 白晓若
Type: fast wear, female protagonist, bg
Bookmark: 1682660/
Link: .
Status: Ongoing 
CP: 1v1 
There is always such a plot happening. The male and female partners are happy, or they are married in business, or they are married. If there is no accident, they will be together and have a happy ending. However, the female lord appeared, they are clever and witty, or beautiful, or brave and strong, or through the rebirth, and then easily smack the prostitute's corner, taking away the heart of the man. After that, the female is equipped with blackening and various kinds of framed. Although the male and female lords will misunderstand the quarrel, they will deepen their feelings after the misunderstanding, and then the female partner will receive the response.
Rating: 8/10

Reading the first chapter kinda have hope for np, because the 009 system said to mc that it send some ml to mc’s friend, the one who also dead with mc.
First world finish, ok still no np, not even meat. So clear water.
Reading the next 2-3 world, really like:
+how consistent mc’s character is
+ml’s character that differ from each world, but stay constant through that particular world,even if there’s a slight character change, still logical enough
+mc transfer at the beginning or middle, the story quite good, not that “almost at the end of the rope” feeling
-why system still with mc? I mean it said only accompany mc for 1 world at beginning,
-why there’s no shop?

This current world really weird:
-how easy to plan a car accident, I mean mc’s parent dies in one
-or they can just simply kill mc’s father in prison, or maybe kidnapping his wife (the one that he insist to marry even though the Mu family didn’t like it)
-mc didn’t know when song want to push her, like she’s a killer before, how convenient for her to lose her reaction at this moment, even ml’s virginity is in the system radar/protection circle, but now.. Mc need to surrender her fairy power for the next two world.

When ml died, and mc wanted to kill the original mc, but system forbid it because it will disrupt the world or something:
-kinda feeling weird that mc act like an idiot, why did she need to save ml by sacrificing her power. Like she was supposed to be more heartless and calm.  At least she needs to hear from system about what happen when ml die, what punishment or stuff happen. So weird seeing her character collapse like this.
-mc supposedly fulfill the original body’s wishes like punishing the evil original mc and make ml fell for her, because she loves ml so much, but in this world, seems like original body not liking ml, but why mc still with him. Not satisfied.

Truthfully this world makes me disappointed. Adding no meat and 1v1 + the promise weakness, no superpower from mc for the next 3 world, kinda lazy to continue. Need some meat.
The more perfect something is, easier to see if there’s imperfection, because it sticks out like a sore thumb. Really annoying.

Thank you for reading ^^