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10 September 2019

快穿之乱ri云端 第一部 作者:Amy报社

Title: 快穿之乱ri云端 第一部
Author: Amy报社
Type: ancient, meat, incest, transmigration, female protagonist, dp, bg
Link: .
Status: Completed
Duanmu Yu has nothing to do, more cheerful and open is her only advantage, the number of shortcomings, including killing the slaves who want to limit her behavior. In the final analysis, it is only because she had no ambitions, and the people around her were too ambitious.

    Where is the bottom line of Duanmu Yu, she asked herself a lot, and it is not a physical matter to think about it. For her, it is nothing, whether it is from the active level or the passive level. What is the bottom line?... Maybe she doesn't have any bottom line at all.
Rating: 10/10

The beginning till more than a third kinda flawed and smell like a meat only. Not much plot.
But the “destroying three view” part really make me awed. I thought the father-daughter relationship is heavy enough. Then came the brother, ok still in incest category. Father-in-law came, I go like O.O
Halfway, really like mc subtly use her modern knowledge (it’s not really clear if mc rebirth or just transmigrated) making shareholder, westernized rule and corporate.
That ending though.. Totally didn’t expect the final ml would be like this. All of them are unexpected!! Expecting the fuma, guard Hang, and the prince to be included. But no!
Anyway, if making graphic, first part would be 8/10, then at the middle 10/10, the end though, not really satisfied, so 9/10.

Thank you for reading ^^