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13 September 2019

随欲 作者:绿漓

Title: 随欲
Author: 绿漓
Type: ancient, transmigration, meat, female protagonist, wuxia, bg
Link: .
Status: Completed
CP: 1v1
Overhead through the wolf in sheep's clothing ~~ female...
Rating: 7/10

Like the start, and the middle, but the end.. It’s 1v1 T.T
The prologue kinda not that hooking me. Ordinary stuff, making money, opening brothel. But I truly like how mc decisively looking for a man to be her first night. Someone who has experience, and playboy-ish character (at least mc know not to provoke innocent man).
When I think that this is NP, really like the fact that most of the ml is not CN! Kinda absurd reading all CN ml in a story.
Kinda disappointed that mc decided to go 1v1, like it’s too abrupt! Judging from her previous behaviour and the martial arts she used. She suddenly get discouraged in love, just because she feels cheated by 2 man. I mean.. Duh girl, not like you invest that much love into them. Just treat them as ordinary one-night stand will ya?
I have mixed feelings about this, because this is 1v1 ending, feels like I would put more higher score if NP. the plot isn’t that outstanding, the dialogue not that amusing. Sigh.
Overall not satisfied with the ending, feels that the potential that showed up till middle part (at least before martial art lord Lei been killed) was great. Then the ending kinda rushed, kinda want to see mc to collect more ml.

Thank you for reading ^^