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01 September 2019

女配太妖娆 作者:淡画书墨

Title: 女配太妖娆  
Author: 淡画书墨 
Type: xianxia, bg, transmigration, meat, female protagonist
Link: .
Status: Completed
What do you need to do as a female partner who knows the story? Of course, it is to seize the opportunity of the female owner! As for the man of the woman... don’t get caught up! #不道After changing the soul to cultivate the fairy, the peach blossoms will open #
Rating: 8/10

Great start and anything, especially love the premise of mc
But things kinda start to go downhill. Start with mc decided to open her own harem, I mean I prefer for her to be like moderate, like it didn’t suit her previous character, being a stronk or such, the character is not collapsing, but the author that the one who make it uncomfortable, like how lan shixiong so easily seduced by mc, not make any sense.
Then the ‘original mc’ getting rebirth lol.
But now the original mc die? Kinda feels mc lose it purpose on transmigrating.. Would love to see more of the original content and plot to be destroyed, more golden finger to be snacthed. 
And there is this upcoming catastrophe that a sealed monster going to raise again, soon. oddly enough though, this monster didn’t seem being mentioned on the original story, I don’t believe that the original mc can raise to fairy world this fast.. So she must also encounter it, but mc seems didn’t have any clue or even have any knowledge regarding this event.
Meat part.. Too much, and although I’m happy to find dp this soon in the novel, but more read, kinda feel that it’s worthless. Like things became expensive and exclusive because it’s rarity and preciousness of quality, so feels that the momentum isn’t built enough to reach the climax.
Anyway this novel borderline meat text with no logic and plot. Lol. would be nice if this given a touch here and there, more description, more length on the plot side.
And it’s too fast, like we haven’t build emotional basis with ml yet, and mc already went to bed with him, so the meat scene kinda looking bland. And their cultivation too.. Riding a supersonic jet, not making any sense, and mc your chaos power where?????? Anyway at this point all plot kinda shakky.
I really love this and the overall feeling, until mc have relationship with her shixiong, then things go downhill from there, and just stay on mediocre.
The ending though, I love that final ml, hahaa I thought mc already going to get her ‘wedding’, so I don’t think there’ll 
Seriously this needs to be more stretched! All of reader feeling towards the character didn’t have time to grow, too fast paced. And the plot is not that good either, kinda like how st first mc act as watching drama on the sideline, then the middle part, she became a real original mc who got distrubed by various villainesses..
And author said numerous times that the black dragon is a metamorphosis.. Which I doubt, finish reading, I haven’t encountered any weird or excessive from him. Is the author too pure?? Or did I miss something?

Thank you for reading ^^