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31 August 2019

如果你是菟丝花 作者:袖侧

Title: 如果你是菟丝花  
Author: 袖侧
Type: modern, BG, female protagonist, rebirth
Link: .
Status: Completed
CP: 1v1 

    control, clean party please stop! 

    [Copy] a 

    previous life, she worked hard and struggled. In the end, he lost to his mediocrity. 

    In this life, she has accepted her life. 

    [Copyt 2] 

    After the death of the mother, the reborn Xia Ruo was taken as an orphan by the mother's lover. Once again, I entered Cao’s family and faced people who liked her or hated her... 

    She didn’t have the luxury, she only wanted to resurrect her life, and she would not be defeated again... 

    [I missed it, I loved it.]

Rating: 9/10

Reading halfway, the writing quite delicate, I really like it! And I love how ml sorta fell in love first (well at least at this point he already has some kind of Lust towards mc), reading the summary, I thought mc would seduce people, or at least became smarter after her rebirth, but seems she just carry the experience of various pitiful mask she used to wear as to become baifumei.
Entertaining! Even knowing the final couple, still want to read the journey.
Quite nice actually, kinda get the feeling from the author that a woman to be happy, not really need high IQ, just being pretty and soft is enough. Doing all kind of deception not really make you live rich.
Kinda pity though.. All Cao brothers have potential to be ml, so as Hu brothers.. Even He Chengzhen could be too!! A talented designer or something.. Aw.. so much np be wasted to 1v1 >.<
 Kinda wanting to continue at least till ml eat mc lol. But I'm not fond of their age differences. 14 years older geh. Mc still 17ish, ml already 31 TT like so old..
I don't feel it when reading, but thinking after a while feels that ml just want obedience woman. Like the true portrayal of overbearing president x white rabbit secretary. 
Getting more delicious.. Like the romance part, about the entanglement of ml, wanting to eat mc, but mc still didn’t realize it.  And how mc still keep her heart, not getting swayed by wealth, I think all people need to get a rebirth. To finish their wish, to undo the mistake. ahh..
The very good writing of this novel sometimes makes me forget the age difference between mc and ml.
The few final chapter though!! I cried.. So delicate.. Not even tragedy, but I feel emotional. Really a good romance >.<
Well as long as you don’t remember their age differences, and how other people will see them, term like pedho (31 years old uncle.. Ew and 18ish brrr.. Kinda have goosebumps) and peasant became phoenix, like a high ranking wife, with all that need to socialize and having party, I doubt mc have enough energy to do it.. Truly prefer her to be with Wei. That’s the reason why I’m not giving this a full score. Btw, totally like how ml is not cn, I mean a person who has looks and identity still virgin at age 25++?? Like are you having ED or what.. Kinda unbelievable.

Thank you for reading ^^