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05 August 2019

每天都在羞耻中(直播) 作者:小乖怪

Title: 每天都在羞耻中(直播)
Author: 小乖怪
Type: modern, BG, meat, system, female protagonist
Bookmark: 10959820/
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Status: Ongoing
The female owner has a small white flower, which is pure and weak and harmless. Until one day encountered the system. Play the bunny girl today and let your teacher meet. Today, you need to successfully seduce a woman. This man is a burly man, you need to successfully touch his meat stick. The audience asked the broadcaster to play the girl who passed through and seduce a good man and him.
Rating: 8/10

Starts as jolly and fun.
Touch this, tease that. It's all fun and funny. I laugh several times. And the school environment is quite nice too, adding mc character that quite enjoyable, a white lotus in training-ish. I like that. 

Then when mc start to sell herself as a prostitute when she upgraded her broadcast room to the 'guardian' aka law enforcer (the nickname in the broadcast room).. things start to get downhill. She repeatedly called herself as slaves this slaves that, make me like where the fuck your dignity???

After mc decided to end her life, after getting scared of shit and lovelorn, the plot start getting shaky. The reason why she feels it's unworthy to live anymore kinda not fit with overall theme in previous scene. And I do think mc is a natural exhibitionist. She feels pleasure doing it in front of public and slut enough to enjoy doing it with acquittance. Her transformation kinda abrupt! The story about how this random viewer whom fell in love (?) With mc for some reason, sacrifice his energy or something to get mc
And the fact that system can erase the earthling memory of mc, ok I can accept it. But the system can also delete memory from hamham planet. Feels absurd. The detail about the planet hamham too, said that polyandry is usual practice there, but form the rolling comment on the live broadcast, and several short conversations in real life between the viewer, I don't feel like polyandry. And the mentions about selling mc as sex dolls, kinda make me go wut.. (this part is mentioned later on)

Anyway, the next two arcs about mc struggling to live again, saving her salvaged soul by collecting real love. The style seems like fast wear. I read the first and the last chapter on the first arc. Seems like mc didn't have memories about her past life and ml is a disabled ojek driver. Anyways it's ended up happy ending. The second arc I suspect something 1v1 boring, so I skipped it too. 

I don't understand how easily her supposed to be I don't want to live again mentality is fine. But maybe because the system is gone too? Anyway so apparently the system still in dormant state, and after that 2 arc I skipped before, it appears again, and the novel feels the same as previous. Doing live streaming, and mc performing multiple fornication that usually leads to the plot development. 

The meat can be quite boring sometimes, but unlike the fact that mc became more slag. Usually they became mellow, and feels like love is supreme, start having children, etc. then start to pick a couple of ml before finally live happily ever after. 

Really love this at least before the part where she having her broadcast room upgrade.

Thank you for reading ^^