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03 August 2019

渣女 作者:阿里里呀

Title: 渣女 / Slag female
Author: 阿里里呀
Type: modern, meat, BG, female protagonist
Bookmark: c93
Link: .
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 7/10

Start as being good, AT FIRST mc portrayed as strong, independent, slag woman, who only want to be gunner with various ikemen. Then little by little, her pitiful life began to unfold. Start from her childhood, a vase mom, facing with no-income whatsoever, with mc still in her childhood (can't make money on her own), failed 'first love', more and more 
Then second boyfriend, seemingly quite cute and ml-ish, want to marry mc. Like the first boyfriend, a little investigation to her hometown, make the almost-to-be groom's mother start demolish the couple. I mean who in their right mind, a parent want to watch their child's spouse to be not pristine as possible.
Her stronk facade, start to crumble, quickly.
After that, another 'female mc' cameto the play, I guess she is from author's other work, which in AN suggesting to read it first. With no comparison, mc seems living in good life. But yeah, she kinda became step-child of author after this 'female mc' introduction. More and more step-child treatment, make me not wanting to continue reading. Maybe later~
The meat is decent, both in quality and quantity.
Overall, start as happy, then tragedy.

Thank you for reading ^^