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30 August 2019

校园重h之爱你 作者:灵雨

Title: 校园重h之爱你  
Author: 灵雨
Type: modern, bg, female protagonist, meat, rebirth
Bookmark: c119
Link: .
Status: Ongoing 
CP: 1v1
Gan Xinya was born again and returned to the age of eighteen. This time, she should not be indifferent and ruthless, and want another green childhood. Back in college, she had to study hard and graduate with Liu Xin. She had to be optimistic about the stock market and make big money to support herself. She has to save money to deal with the family crisis. PS: 1V1 or 1V2
Rating: 8/10

Reading the summary, really have high hope for this one, the combination of rebirth (my all time favorite genre in Chinese web novel), female protagonist, modern, school age, and possibly np (it said in the summary that 1v1 or 1v2, I assume the author will give mc either np process 1v1 ending or np up to the comment of the reader).
Reading few chapters though, I realize how wrong I am. So there's this inexplicably vice mc that suddenly have meat scene. And I am sure that it's her that author refer as 1v2. Fuk. Not pleasant to read! I hate when author give the spotlight to anyone else than mc!
Anyway the main mc story is nice! Meat is good, mc character is enjoyable to read. But the feeling of mc towards ml kinda chance, at first I thought she really love him. But more read, kinda feel that it's just an obligation, as in thankful for the past life help towards mc. And even she herself told outsider that she choose ml because he loves her! Wtf. 
Hateful, reading up to last chapter available aka chapter 119, I am pretty sure that the author plans to make the main cp as 1v1. I mean Liu big brother\ml big brother already have 1 direct meat chance and 2 non direct! Nothing happen…… errrrrrrrrr 

Thank you for reading ^^