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17 August 2019

情乱 作者:脸红心跳

Title: 情乱 
Author: 脸红心跳 
Type: modern, NTR, BG, meat, female protagonist
Link: .
Status: Completed
Xu Sha found her husband derailed, and the derailment object is still a man. She looked at the skin in the mirror and looked like a flower, and she didn't understand how she would lose to a man. After she had deep contact with the other party, she understood where she was lost.
Rating: 9/10

Basically a couple of husband and wife derailment story with same person, then because this is BG, finally happy ending for female lead.
Quite unexpected though that the uke is the husband at first, because usually there's a strict uke/seme preference in ml, like a uke can't have desire for female lol.
At first feels kinda funny, seeing how mc got enamoured by the derailment object aka the boss/seme, then mc start became more slag by wanting to do both. Which I think would be better if author caan handle it more delicately, like I dunno.. seems like mc didn't love her husband that much after having relationship with the boss, then suddenly she feels that she won't divorce him?? Maybe the real reason,boss is just too charming to resist.. how could mc still lay her eyes on her husband after having relationship with boss.. like it's will only happen in fairy tale..kekekeke
Midway through the novel though, the bent people got straightened too fast!! I mean.. if the reason the derailment happen in the first place is because they are gay (or at least bisexual), how could suddenly they feel disgusted with BL? not making sense.. mc's halo is too stronk to resist. And if the reason because of sexual desire, it didn't make any sense for the husband to suddenly feel mc/female is more good than male, when he know the beauty of prostate glands. Yup sure enough, mc's halo is too stronk.
Anyway the start of husband+boss fell for mc kinda illogical lol.
but this is meat NP, can't expect more. Boss is lovable, mc+husband so-so. Most of the rating came from the boss.
The ending, yup, boss is so tempting.. lol..
He deserve better..

Edit 2019-08-23
There's added 4 more extra, extra number 2-5. A marriage life, 3p double stick in 1 hole, and children.
Anyway boss is still so charming >.<
Considering Chinese web novel author like to their character as their child, boos definitely author's golden child! the real husband on the other hand, kinda borderline step child lol.

Thank you for reading ^^