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19 August 2019

成人 作者:水云月

Title: 成人
Author: 水云月
Type: ancient, bl, transmigration, male protagonist
Link: .
Status: Completed
CP: NP (open ending)
In the three thousand years of the Federation, with the advancement of science and technology, women have long since not suffered from the pain of childbirth. The cloning of human beings has flourished for a time. The development of this technology has led to the emergence of another non-human being. This is the artificial man.
Rating: 10/10
From AN, I bet this is written during river crab period, but when the censorship not as strict as now. (for months, all original source is deleting all that smell np, even if not containing meat. Not really sure of the correct news.) Still have smell of NP, because mc have several relationship with more than 1 people. The story great, not hard to MTL, and flow flawlessly. No obvious illogical stuff, the plot stronk enough to grip reader attention, but not overwhelming so that make the reader bored.
I love how consistent all the character is, the vibrancy from each also make the character feels alive.
Great book, that I'm sure I would enjoy reading again, and even buy in physical form if this being translated into English.
Thank you for reading ^^