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05 August 2019

女王的美男二十四宫 作者:十千

Title: 女王的美男二十四宫
Author: 十千
Type: future, meat, BG, transmigration
Bookmark: p81 - c61
Link: .
Status: Ongoing
    ? H high handsome lot → → → np → wonderful story unchaste group p →

    federal community, there are three sex , man, transgender, woman (warm, the only woman)

    after 1500 years, the last woman on the planet! !

    Emperor Huatian ___________ The first man of the Federation, the Eurasian mixed-race, the blond blue-eyed, the genius of the wind, the hand can kill a country.

    General George Vito ___The most handsome general of the Federation.

    Wen Jiuyi ___________ Federal Prince, the most distinguished official of China.

    Yin no night ___________ no scruples of your son.

    Cang Ming _____________ elegant master.

    The palace has no scale ___________ is always the second brother who suffers.

    Old ten _____________ ten brothers.

    Old eleven ___________ eleven brothers.

    Thomas ___________ handsome Mr. Thief.

    Rocking ___________ one heart walks the decathlon of politics.

   Tan Taichi___________ Beautiful teacher.

    Dad from the future sent me to the Federation, an era of all men.

    I am the only woman here.

    But even if I ran to the street and shouted: I am a woman, I am a woman! !

    The people I saw only when I was a madman, they would say come soon, this poor transgender wants to be a woman who wants to be crazy.

    I am a woman, always worried about her gender exposure, when I casually say, people only when I am crazy.
Rating: 8/10

Mc is not man-hungry as portrayed in the summary, but she's quite easy to push down. Her character seems like stronk woman in few chapter before finally succumbs to low IQ low EQ heroine.
When I was a kid, I used to loved the premise that all women except me (mc) is gone, so all man would be swear to protect, pamper, and love me. But then as I get older, this seems so sick. The only woman left seems like would be birthing tools. And those ml that near you ONLY do it that way, because they want to borrow your womb to make some descendant. Not really loving you ar care for you. And the laboratory part that will poke you, research you, studying you, isn't going to offer any help either.
Usually it's kinda easy to see through the author, this type of novel is geared towards female reader, but I don't think the author female nor transgender:
Like mc's father sending mc to future for birthing tools.. and experiment specimen.
Because there's no woman, a certain people who 'crazy', cut their male genitalia, and then add more hole for the making love. They love to do permanent cosplay as woman, doing things such as:
- use tomato ketchup for menstruation play, which I found really weird, a place where there's flying car, there's no fake blood or something?? And judging from how mc need to eat nutrition pill (and not real food because it's too expensive), isn't it would be too expensive using food just for props?
-a plastic surgery can remove and add hole, but apparently can't change the vocal chord? kinda weird, because adding the fact that severed limb can be grown back, and not became disability.
-the fusion of supposed to be future and ancient culture, but the fake boobies is as firm as man muscle, I mean looking at this time various ladyboy from Thailand, make me wonder of their beauty, so you mean to say that the technology got worsen after 1000 years or what?
Apparently the transgender here do this not because they enjoy doing is physically, just because they're mentally abnormal. bunch of M you mean?

... not modern people, what age this novel is written again?
author giving example of how despicable transgender is by quoting a case where a man work hard for 10 year, want to marry a woman, but find out that she was actually a hidden transgender, he's been waiting for big fat son, but with this sudden hits, he finally got admitted into mental hospital. First, you love her just because she can give you a son? Like... err second, did you never heard of adoption, or tube baby? Just use your sperm and combine it artificially..
I like the fornification aka evertyime 'in heat' though.

Anyway I can conclude, the plot is done well, but the logic is severely missing.

Thank you for reading ^^