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23 August 2019

如狼 作者:万灭之殇

Title: 如狼  
Author: 万灭之殇 
Type: modern, bl, meat, male protagonist
Bookmark: p57
Link: .
Status: Completed
Rating: 7/10

Quite intense, I feel the urgency to keep reading. The abuse part is a lot! But so far nothing has cross my bottom line yet. Mc is flawed, so does ml. Make it more realistic. And give gloomy - tragedy ish feeling.
But reading up to part 57, from 90ish part, kinda feel all happiness(?) is within reach, mc got his beloved love and promise, but wtf still 40ish part? And how did the np will unfold.. so I just read the last 2 part, seems like 2 ml only, the boss is dead. Sigh.

Thank you for reading ^^