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18 August 2019

身临其境(HP) 作者:肉书屋

Title: 身临其境(HP)  
Author: 肉书屋
Type: fantasy, fanfict, modern, magic, female protagonist, transmigration
Link: .
Status: Completed
CP: 1v1
Rating: 9/10

Quite good Harry Potter fanfict. Start with mc getting transmigrated into Eastern magic family, then when she finally know the existence of Hogwarts at the age of 10, met Harry Potter, finally understand that she is transmigrated into Harry Potter world.
The pace quite fast.. Span from book 1-7 of Harry Potter. 
Ml is Snape, which here portrayed as a cutie pie, really cute and fluffy!
Overall enjoyable feeling, like a trip down memory when you read Harry Potter again from the start. Not much change in plot.
As for description, it's "How to chasing 20 years older husband"
Thank you for reading ^^