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22 August 2019

恶女戏姻缘 作者:水镜凌澜

Title: 恶女戏姻缘  
Author: 水镜凌澜 
Type: ancient, transmigration, female protagonist, BG
Bookmark: p146
Link: .
Status: Completed
Rating: 6/10

Start as a really good novel. I like mc personality and her logical way to make money, like those shareholder way, corporation with different way of business. Not just inventing new food recipe that makes the whole population go crazy. More realistic.
I like how she do incest (although at this point I really doubt that mc is shen family daughter lol, because author kinda hint that mc is six prince daughter) with her brother, and the part where she successfully eat meat lol.
Then on part 100++ I feels that the plot kinda more shaky. Yep I think I start not enjoying the plot after mc leave Shen home at luozhou and flee to new territory:
-Why don't take some corpse to make fake death or something? Like this all farce kinda useless, why not make full use of it?
-Even at new 'home' why don't they camouflage, or at least hide their identity, mc still swaying everywhere =.=
-after she met with treasurer Liu, why the fuk she immediately decided to go to taizi/4th prince boat? like she can kidnap treasurer Liu, give him poison, or simply assassinate.. or just in the first place, go, stay at home, or bring mask
-not liking how brother+yang jinfeng act like virgin mary, pouring money everywhere

Now I am reading at part 147 (from 300 part) kinda boring. Too draggy. I don't like how mc swear to heaven that she will only have 3 of the ml! Like previously she swears that she only will be with tian lei and brother, then after came the third ml, immediately increase, and mc renew her swearing. Like duh. Please just don't do it in the first place. And only brother is the most palatable from bunch of ml. Even though he is the most useless one. Ml 2 too unreasonable, type of ml that not suitable for male lead. Ml 3 quite good. Now kinda only want to read which other ml will came and whether mc is six prince daughter or not. The plot is not existent at this point. Maybe there is, draggy as hell. The quality decrease so quickly and not jump back again. Mc kinda became so stupid and her quality so low.. What with doing color lure towards enemy general? Like she is having martial arts+modern people thinking+poison.. No other choice???? Then she goes borrowing food, like so easily done, but why the hell need she to do it. And those other male character like tail.. Why they need to follow mc all the time.. Mc can’t catch new ml this way.. So at p147, I peek at the end, find out mc ml is 5, brother, qin tianlei, huimo, yang jinfeng, 17th prince.

So all in all, the upper part, super love, the middle make me drop this.

Thank you for reading ^^