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16 August 2019

妲己的魅惑重生 作者:倾安暖夏

Title: 妲己的魅惑重生
Author: 倾安暖夏
Type: modern, transmigration, BG, meat, female protagonist
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Status: Completed
Summary: Fox is reborn, modern, fast, seduce, man, np, high-dry, finished
Rating: 10/10

Quite fast paced, not that many plot. I love how heartless mc at first (and almost till the end).
The meat quality is not that fragrant, but decent. Especially like how not all people who have bed scene, got accepted as ml, quite fresh in my opinion, because usually it's the case, even in np, the one who is ml must be the one that successfully got the meat.
I don't really like how mc easily (and numerous times) got calculated by the villain, just because she didn't take care of them seriously at the beginning, like the disaster should be avoidable with little more care, but no.
And the extra quite cute too, firstly mc got one plus ml, the younger cousin-ish, then 4 baby! And some tiny flashback about mc's mom and dad.
Yup, one word. Fast.
Maybe can be prolong, with more detail and more drama ^^

Thank you for reading ^^