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07 August 2019

每天都是傻白甜 作者:飞鸢

Title: 每天都是傻白甜
Author: 飞鸢
Type: modern, BG, transmigration, female protagonist
Bookmark: /10888607
Link: .
Status: Ongoing
traversed overnight, Ji Qingqing became the stupid white sweet lady of the dog blood Mary Su Wenli, and also equipped with a character setting correction system. In this case, honestly, when she is stupid and sweet, as long as she can avoid the death ending in the original book! But... that... isn’t the female host in the harem? How did it become her?
Rating: 6/10

Reading the summary, I quite like the premise of a np nicely which derived from another np novel. And mc will steal 'original mc' ml.
It's stat quite nice, the appearance of system which forbid mc to stray from the original character kinda annoying at first, but I think it's necessary for not to collapse the whole story. But the more I read, I don't think it's matter anymore about the system. It isn't appear at all!!
The first arc quite nice, it span around mc and ml do to school together, at first how mc met them and attract them. Finally they became bff.
The second arc start when mc 12 years old. Here I am not feeling comfortable reading how mc sort of became lovey dovey .. I do think 16 years old is my limit. Younger than that feels like it is still a child. Comparing with the first arc, feels that the quality is declining.
And that extra chapter depicting mc and 4 ml life after they got together and in cohabitation life not helping either. In my opinion, there mc act as babysitter plus mom. Not to mention she is being pampered, but kinda feels like she is there to make ml feels at home. Maybe it's feel sweet or what in 1v1. But because that there multiple ml, I just feel tired reading it. I definitely won't Marty to become a free maid. I don't like how she is depicted as housekeeper sort of. The second arc ended up as all 3 of the main ml confess to mc.
The third arc, so system finally appear and force mc to become real villain, because seems like she is more suitable to become so because all 3 main ml confess to her. This and that lackluster second arc, make me feels lazy to continue reading. And here mc already in middle School in abroad for some reason. Wanting to run away from all the plot, but of course she must back before the main plot began to avoid more punishment aka electric shock from system. The transition kinda abrupt, how mc vent to the younger brother about how she was scared, she gets close to ml want thigh to hug, which in turn make him decided to fell for her not make any sense. He already said in his heart about how mc try to get closer to him just want to avoid her death flag. But he just feels happy about how mc depend on him. Make me feel what the fuk. You dude didn't get humiliated or something, being used or such??????

Thank you for reading ^^