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28 August 2019

南宫禁史(NP) 作者:极光光

Title: 南宫禁史(NP)  
Author: 极光光
Type: ancient, transmigration, female protagonist,bg
Bookmark: 10755378/ 
Link: .
Status: Ongoing 
"Love, you can't fight." (Xi Fei passed through into a female emperor, and then I was horrified to find that she had a beautiful man in the harem to fight strong! Go to the sick and weak son, go down to the martial arts master, all kinds of flavors, I still can't wait for her to die. Fei Yi: I think about the good side, I don't have to be lucky, at least my chastity is saved! One year later - a group of male scorpions: Why are you still not swearing at me? How can the country have no reserve? Your Majesty, the child is born...NP, not a female respect, nor a female attack. There are many men.
Rating: 7/10
Positive side
+Meat quite good.
+I like the idea of not using female respect/matriarchal society.
+From 4 obvious ml that already appear (Jun Yao, general He, A Yuan, Jian), seems good, 3D enough, not flat, can be distinguish from each other, all have distinct personality. And other ml candidate (national teacher, jiujiu, wei, he xin, neighbour taizi), so far seems promising.
-Not really logical how ml fell for mc. Like too abrupt?

At first reading few chapter, I thought I will find a stronk mc (like much other novel with same premise, where mc would use her modern thinking to make the country stronger, thus attracting many ml to flock around her pomegranate skirt). But nope, so I'm guessing author would go with all meat route, adding that summary that feels 'easy level mode'. But couple chapter later, mc kinda became stronk, then she's weak again for the next scene. lol.
Author, you successfully attract my attention! More chapter, feels two:
-conspiracy in the making
-all abnormal character have sad past (jiujiu, Jun Yao)

The feeling part quite unreasonable, like no emotional basis, but plotwise, quite good and logical enough to be read comfortably.

Thank you for reading ^^