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21 August 2019

我以为我是路人甲 作者:不定之风

Title: 我以为我是路人甲  
Author: 不定之风  
Type: ancient, transmigration, male protagonist, bl,
Link: .
Status: Completed
Rating: 9/10

I remember reading this before, I think I drop this after reading few chapters because it's mention some Chinese novel, I thought this book is fanfiction of that title, which I have never heard about. So yeah, now kinda having pitiful amount of books to read.
The beginning of this novel is really good. Almost all yaoi I have read have logic in them. I mean mc has age to make all that achievement, not like female mc in BG. Usually if in transmigration plot, mc past life would be around 18-20ish years old. But already finishing master degree, having language skills 4-5, first killer in xx organization, and many ridiculous things. Extremely illogical.
And this bunch of ml ish kid, especially after reading their pov, kinda feels that mc growing his own not vegetable buy seme lol.
BTW after MCs third death I remember another BG 1v1 novel called my disciple died yet again lol.
The ending though, kinda sad. The extra too. Borderline open ending + bad ending. I think the overall journey feel smooth and enjoyable. The logic is there, mc character really make God. Funny, sometimes smart, pampering the seme, guide them to grow up nicely. Ahhh..
Sadly no meat, only some bland kiss, where mc kinda dazed and confused.
So I think the overall feeling start being bland -> jolly and fun -> tragedy.
The seme should do a conference together and planning to imprison mc!!!

Thank you for reading ^^