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29 August 2019

弃后翻身(NP) 作者:水晶果果

Title: 弃后翻身
Author: 水晶果果 
Type: bl, ancient, transmigration, male protagonist
Bookmark: p179
Link: .
Status: Completed
Summary: Crossing np, changing destiny, becoming stronger, emperor
Rating: 8/10

Reading the first chapter, albeit tens of years in my reading career, this is the first time, a male protagonist caught his wife in rape on bed, at his birthday. Lol. Usually I met with female protagonist. Catching her husband, or boyfriend lol. well somewhat interesting. 
Finish reading the first chapter. Ok I am intrigued. We found mc body identity in the upcoming transmigration world! It's a male queen, who force the king to accept him, in a patriarchal society. Love it already, and the word counter in the web said 1.000 k Chinese word. Seems long. Ah can't wait to read more. Yeah forgot to mention about mc character! Seems an exciting one, I mean finding his wife cheating, he immediately calm down, then kill both the wife and the adulterer. Lol he even said not only man who think using their lower end, seeing the adulterer big Jade stem, make him realize that woman also a creature that think using her lower ends too. 

About halfway reading (p178/p387), kinda feel cheated.. I mean the summary said that mc will be an emperor, so I naively assume that he’ll be stronger, learn martial arts, or at least use his modern knowledge to make suggestions, therefore, paving way to him becoming emperor. But up to this, mc is still being pressed everywhere, whether in bed or in everyday life.

So I peek at the end, seems like no more fun, I mean this start as kinda jolly atmosphere (for me) but became tragedy the more I read. And sure mc finally became an emperor at the end.

Thank you for reading ^^