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03 September 2019

学霸恋爱羞耻play 作者:奥莉维亚

Title: 学霸恋爱羞耻play  
Author: 奥莉维亚 
Type: modern, system, bg, meat
Bookmark: p106
Link: .
Status: Completed
introverted and shy beans, accident in the comprehensive examinations city, gathered in the school's Pa On the campus, her pressure at the bottom of the score doubled, and the loved little elf who appeared unexpectedly in front of her, customized a "shameful love" contract with her. Little love is to get energy from the host's heartbeat value, but the ordinary heartbeat experience can't. As a nutrient, it is necessary to complete the problem of small love. If all of them are successfully completed, learning will become very easy, and there will be a good relationship. 
Rating: 6/10

Reading the summary, kinda smell some np, but seems like 1v1? I thought that mc will target multiple students, but she only go with xie. But so far still quite entertaining, and the shame system didn’t really give exaggerated task. Just kiss and hug and normal stuff bf and gf can do.
And now!! Np flag is raised.. Really great.. I have my eye on cousin Li for some times XD
Ok few chapters later, my np flag kinda fell halfway down.. 

After few np flag being shot down mercilessly, mc finally eat cousin li meat! Finally. Buy because its too long, I am not really happy reading it. Hmm. 
The character is not consistent. Quite adding more confusion to the story. I thought that the class sport committee Zhang would be the next ml, but not. Then Xiong chumo.. I thought he would be a hay person, then the author changed it to make him another mc suitorand now change it again to become mc rival. Wtf.. not really liking. And that title needs to be changed! Wtf xueba??? The only school portion is gone, and none of the xueba part is ever up again …. Not a good title.. like author lost its destination. 

Lazy to read any further, because feels that the plot is getting more ridiculous, so ml1 find out about mc NTR behaviour, and almost killed her. 
Peeking the ending, ok bye~ seems like more dog blood, because it’s a scene where mc got into hospital, and chumo seems really not became ml, just cannon fodder sort of,
What annoys me the most is the title.. Expecting more campus/school love, and how mc get various shame play in there, but.. Yep. only the beginning.
And mc character getting  more annoying, timid at first quite cute, then when she starts getting NTR mode with ml2, feels like she is too fake.

Thank you for reading ^^