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07 September 2019

少爷的sex奴 作者:柔柔弱弱

Title: 少爷的sex奴
Author: 柔柔弱弱 
Type: modern, female protagonist, bg, dp, abuse, meat
Link: .
Status: Completed
She was sold as sex slaves irascible master, Has been conscientiously serving the young master, for fear that the young master is not happy to give himself away... But the young master still gave her away, and gave it to the younger gentleman who thought it would be more gentle... I thought that life would go on like this, she would follow the gentle young master for a lifetime, but The violent young master took her back again... and the gentle young master is not gentle... 
Rating: /10

Actually really like how the story manages to fit well with the title, like a slave should be used as a tool, not just name. Feels more real >.<
Quite abusive, I cried twice during the emotional dispute. The abusive part quite uncomfortable to read, fit well with the slave title, but not so much that cross my bottom line.
Not really liking how mc still sometimes clever, and hold her temper, then suddenly erupt with no reason, even though she should know better to anger ml.
The ending too, like done too easily, like just like that? Anyway the less a-hole male character here is the abusive young master (ml1). Everyone else much more hypocritical and hateful.
And I like that there’s a dp scene. No np complete with at least 1 dp! This scene really gives a huge boost on my rating standard. The meat quite good, didn’t feels repetitive and greasy. Now that I have finished reading this novel, just realize how much meat this novel contain lol. This proves how delicious the meat is. Because when it’s not fragrant, you can feel it shoved into your mouth forcibly.

Thank you for reading ^^