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15 September 2019

难逃夫郎钩钩缠 作者:侧耳听风

Title: 难逃夫郎钩钩缠
Author: 侧耳听风
Type: transmigration, female protagonist, bg
Bookmark: c105
Link: .
Status: Completed
caused by a lazy spurt, escape and chase by a stealing. Phoenix warm demon: Although I have no great wisdom. There is no big dream, but this joke is too big. The first prince of the lord of the martial arts, the main demon priest, the emperor, the emperor, the man, the main belly, the black belly, the black man, and the beautiful man, appearing successively,
Rating: 7/10

Getting boring! Really like this at first, at least up till mc didn’t have meat with anyone (btw no meat, at all). She kinda became slag, but not in a flattering way. I don’t understand why she easily having relationship with everyone. Too fast and that soon. According to her personality, I think she should be honest and tell ml-tachi about their chaotic relationship, instead of just dodging and lying. Because at first she only run away when her life is being threatened, now that she knows about their love, she should have the courage to face them. Kinda unfair to ml-tachi :((
The part like the most is when she is at the palace, the meeting notes really funny (well only once though, I’m hoping to find more).
Ok peeking at the end only, still about 75 chapter left. Kinda lazy to continue because:
-no meat
-getting disappointed with mc’s choice of solving the harem
Anyway, apparently mc still get 2 (maybe more) ml. And she seems to be a phoenix goddess or something.

Thank you for reading ^^